A new conspiracy theory says that the snow we saw last week here in Texas was fake. As someone who witnessed it in person, I'm calling BS!

Who doesn't like a little conspiracy theory every now and then? I certainly do. Some of my favorites are the return of the "Black Helicopters" in the 1990's. Remember the one about contrails actually being "chemtrails" that supposedly contain a toxic mix of aluminum, strontium and barium? Both of which have been proven as only conspiracy theories and nothing more.

How about these conspiracy theory dandies: The Paul McCartney death hoax, Elvis is still alive somewhere,  Denver International Airport stands above an underground city which serves as a headquarters of the New World Order. Of course as much as I don't believe any of those theories, I do believe that something fishy happened during the Kennedy assassination. Maybe it's because I want to believe there was more than one shooter.

More recently there are conspiracy theories about 9/11, Jeffrey Epstein, and most recently the "stolen election" that a bunch of sore losers believe in. All theories that are both fun to talk about and probably just theories after all.

Now we can add the "fake snow" theory to the list. According to USA Today, this one comes from the TikTok user known as “Beer Rat” who brought in a Texas snowball and put a lighter to it. The results of what happened were not what Beer Rat expected, so of course a new conspiracy theory was born. According to Beer Rat, he determination that the snow was really a “deep state plot to protect the wealthy ‘elites’”…and the government and Bill Gates, of course.

This particular conspiracy is starting to gain some momentum, so let's revisit a video from 2014 when WTVR’s Mike Stone explains the concept of “sublimation.”

As you can see in the video, and as he explains, the snow doesn't melt but turns to gas or vapor, therefore proving that Beer Rat's "Fake Snow" theory is false.

Conspiracy busted!

Living through the storm last week I didn't really need to bust this theory but it was fun. Maybe I have found my new calling in life: Aaron Zytle Conspiracy Theory Buster! Kinda has a ring to it.

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