Man, 2020 has managed to pack an entire decade into one year. 2020 had so much potential, major holidays were on the weekend, Cinco de Mayo was on Taco Tuesday, we even had an extra day in February. But nooo, some stupid virus had to infect the world. Time to forget a few things so 2021 can be an official good year and a great restart.

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Look at the 2020 holidays. It was set up to be the ultimate party.

Michael Gibson / Townsquare Media via Canva
Michael Gibson / Townsquare Media via Canva

At least we got Valentine's Day.

As we move into a brand new year, putting the past behind us is going to be everyone's ultimate goal. So let's start with some words and a phrase that we need to forget, or more like eliminate, for 2021.

  1. Flatten The Curve - That "two weeks to flatten the curve" is now in month nine. Never say this phrase again.
  2. Pandemic - We've heard the word "pandemic" at least sixteen times a day since mid-March. Let's wait another hundred years (because we won't be here) until that word is used again.
  3. Vaccine - Other than the election (we'll get to that next), there has not been a more contentious word. "That vaccine will put a chip in us!" "That vaccine won't work!" "I'll get a third arm with that vaccine!" I've heard every conspiracy theory, I am just sick of the word and want it to go away.
  4. Election - O.M.G. I've never seen so many panties in a wad over something as stupid as a politician. Arguing over politics is the dumbest thing to take part in. They don't care about us, just your vote and that's a dangerous thing no matter which flag you fly. I hope people will start realizing in 2021 how ridiculous it is to base their life on politics.
  5. Mask - The only time I want to use the word "mask" is for Halloween 2021.
  6. Lockdown - No dining in, no going to the bar, very little shopping, I'm ready to get back to going to Walmart at 1 a.m. to people watch.
  7. Quarantine - I'm a home body but having to stay home to work for those couple of months even got to me.

2020 can suck it. I am looking forward to 2021 and to forgetting these words and phrase.

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