Tis' the season for shopping, and apparently,  SHOPLIFTING at the Walmart Store in Kilgore, Texas according to a recent Facebook post from the Kilgore Police Department.

It's an unfortunate reality in the world in which we live. People succumb to the temptation to shoplift from our Texas stores. Perhaps they do it because they find themselves in difficult circumstances and feel that's the only thing they can do to get the things they need or want. Or for some, it may just be the 'thrill' of seeing whether or not they can get away with it.

Whatever the case, a recent post on the Kilgore, Texas Police Department Facebook page states that the Kilgore Police have been "inundated with shoplifting at Walmart over the last 7 days."

According to the post, "their Asset Protection Officers are working OT."

What is it people are shoplifting at the Walmart in Kilgore, Texas?

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According to Kilgore Police, it isn't food or other life necessities that are being shoplifted, but rather "nonessential items," for which they've given citations.

In response, the Kilgore Police have issued a warning to those who attempt to shoplift from our East Texas stores. Would-be thieves are warned that they'll be 'treated' to a supervised, 'chaperoned' trip to the Bulldog B&B. (This is a fun, little nickname for JAIL.)

As a bonus, the Kilgore Police expressed their verbal wit by adding those folks will also have a special appointment with one of their 'nice Judges' who will help them sort the whole matter out.

Here's the post in its entirety:

Would-be thieves, consider yourself warned. If you're strapped for cash, here's another option:

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