If we have ever had a conversation online or in real life you have probably heard be talking (or bragging) about my dogs. These amazing rescue animals have brought so much joy into my life and they truly make life better each day. While I believe they are intelligent as well as very loveable, I am bias, so let’s look at the list of 63 of the smartest dog breeds. 

Whenever you are preparing to add a furry family member you have a lot of work to do including researching a dog breed that makes sense for you and your situation. If you have to be working for long periods of time you probably don’t want a dog that needs lots of attention unless you’re planning on having a dog sitter or some other arrangement to keep them occupied during the day so you don’t come home to a torn-up pillow from the couch. Please remember to adopt not shop when looking for a dog. 

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Not All Big Dogs Are Dumb 

It seems like over the years people have started thinking that just because a dog is large, that means they are lazy and/or dumb. Which is not the case as you will see below in the list of smartest dog breeds. It was great to see Rottweiler, Dobermans and other big dogs making the top 10 on the list below. 

Did Your Dog’s Breed Make the List of the Smartest Dog Breeds? 

I didn’t see either of my dog’s breeds on the list below, but that’s okay, I love them no matter what. Let’s look at the list and see where your dog landed.  

RANKED: Here Are the 63 Smartest Dog Breeds

Does your loyal pup's breed make the list? Read on to see if you'll be bragging to the neighbors about your dog's intellectual prowess the next time you take your fur baby out for a walk. Don't worry: Even if your dog's breed doesn't land on the list, that doesn't mean he's not a good boy--some traits simply can't be measured.

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