Scammers are the absolute worst. They have a plethora of ways to steal your money or your personal information. They will disguise it as a fancy giveaway or some sob story to pull at your heart strings to get your money or, in this case, call and say they are with the Smith County Sheriff's Office saying that you owe money to the county. Don't fall for this scam.

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Getting a Jury Summons

We never like to see that yellow card in our mailbox. That means we have to take time away from work or from our family to go to the local courthouse for the possibility to serve on a jury. If you can't make it that day, you can contact the courthouse and move your summons to another date. If you just don't show up, depending on the judge, you can be arrested and/or fined.

That's Where This Scam Comes Into Play

The Smith County Sheriff's Office has been made aware of someone calling Smith County residents saying that he is Captain Craig Halbrooks (CBS 19). The scammer then says that you have missed jury duty and owe the county money. While there are consequences to missing jury duty, you will not get a call from the Smith County Sheriff's Office about it, you will just be picked up.

What to Do if You Get One of These Calls

The Smith County Sheriff's Office, or any law enforcement office in East Texas, will not call you asking for money. If you receive this call, simply hang up. Do not give this individual any personal information or give them any money. If you do receive this type of call, you can report it to your local law enforcement agency so they can make others aware of what's going around.

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