Look out Dallas, TX, I hope you've said your goodbyes to several popular snacks, or you stocked up on them... or you can travel through time.

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Oh, delicious snack foods and the companies that make them, why do you hurt us so?

Americans, we love snacks. Healthy, unhealthy, just as long as it's delicious and preferably bite-sized, we want 'em. And despite what's best for our waistlines it does seem to be the more sugar the better.

The state of Texas is known for its vast landscapes, which inevitably means long distances between cities, right? This makes road trips quite common. Some even call Texans the kings and queens of road trips.

And what's essential for these types of journies? Snacks. They serve as our essential companions during these trips across The Lone Star State, providing energy and simple enjoyment while we traverse our beloved state's highways.

We Texans understand the importance of flavor-packed, indulgent foods. From crispy fried gas station foods to savory kolaches, snacks in Texas are always celebrated for their generous portions.

Snacks are ingrained into our social gatherings, you've never heard of a tailgate party or backyard barbecue without snacks at it. Texans sharing snacks with fellow Texans is a love language, it's what fosters camaraderie and connections among friends and family.

That being said there are a few snacks we will have to learn to live without going forward. Unless, as I stated earlier you've stocked up on them... or, of course, you can travel through time.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, y'all, but here are a few foods you can no longer purchase in Texas.

Delicious Snack Foods You Can No Longer Buy in Texas

.... Unless you can figure out time travel.

15 Forbidden Foods that are Banned in the State of Texas

Gallery Credit: Tara Holley

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