Say you spent the weekend in Houston, TX, on Monday you arrive home safe and sound, great right? Then a week passes, and by now you've gotten back into the groove of life, and BOOM! You get a speeding ticket in the mail. But you haven't been pulled over in years.

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Could our Texas politicians ever bring this type of speed enforcement to The Lone Star State? I recently came across this article, it describes how camera-enforced speed limits are becoming more widespread across the state of New York. And it got me wondering...

First, how does automated ticketing even work?

According to the New York State Department of Transportation, "the system identifies vehicles traveling over the posted speed limit using a camera triggered by radar. When a speeding vehicle is detected, a series of photos show the distance, the time of travel, and the license plate." But that's not the entire process, it still has to be reviewed by a human being.

A NYS Certified Technician will review all violations to confirm that the information is correct. Once it's determined that the vehicle was speeding, the registered owner of the vehicle will be sent a Notice of Liability in the mail.

Can that happen in Texas?

Well, it has. A few years ago a few places in Texas began experimenting with the use of cameras to issue tickets, but it didn't last. In 2019 a law banned the use of cameras that catch people speeding or running red lights and issuing them fines.

According to Kubosh Attorney at Law, "Texas takes a firm stance against camera-generated speeding tickets, which are not legal. In other words, you will not be receiving a speeding ticket in the mail."

And, there's your answer, if you ever get an automated speeding ticket from a camera, in the mail, in Texas, throw that trash in the garbage where it belongs.

As the law stands, for now, no one in Texas can receive a speeding ticket in the mail. So, rest easy my fellow lead-footed-when-no-one-is-watching Texans.

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