Many in Texas would love to be able to post a big wager on the Super Bowl or the World Series or the NBA Finals or the College Football Championship or just an individual game. Many others in Texas would not be so in love with allowing gambling in our state. Proponents will say that the money will go to Texas public schools. But, will it? It's an interesting topic to discuss.

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I ran across a story on ABC 13 out of Houston. The story states in the first couple of paragraphs about how Texans make $5 billion, with a b, in illegal sports bets each year. Some in our state government, and in our school system, think that amount of money could extremely benefit Texas.

I'm sure it could. But wasn't this supposed to be the point of the Texas Lottery that was introduced 25-30 years ago? All of those millions and millions of dollars that we the citizens spent buying scratch offs and Pick 3's and Cash 5's was supposed to go to our schools, right? Then why do our schools keep saying they're struggling? Why aren't teachers paid more? Where has this money gone?

Just a couple of days ago, Tyler ISD voted to call for a bond election of $89 million to build a new building for Hubbard Middle School and a new "early college high school," whatever the hell that is. Maybe I'm 100% wrong but wasn't this the point of the Texas Lottery? To eliminate these kind of tax payer funded school projects?

Texas is trying to legalize sports betting. In 2021, State Representative, Dan Huberty, presented House Bill 2070 designed to legalize sports betting within the state of Texas. It never got out discussions, however, to be voted on. The subject may not be looked at again until 2023. By then, most of the United States will have legalized sports betting.

Should Texas do it?

This is an impossible ask of a governmental body but sure if we, the people of Texas, can get a 100 percent guarantee that the money will be used for our states public schools. Honesty from government? That's asking A LOT

It's a hot button topic for sure. In the meantime, we'll have to do like Houston's Mattress Mack and cross into Louisiana to make our sports bets for the time being.

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