When I got off work last Friday night, I was on the fence on whether I wanted to go out and have some fun or put on sweat pants and watch shows on the couch all night. So, I was glad to have my wife tell me that she wanted to get out of the house. It's way too easy to stay in and stay comfy on the couch, but I am really glad we got out and had some fun seeing comedy in downtown Tyler.

After Savannah told me she wanted to go out, I remembered seeing an advertisement on a social media group for some stand up comedy taking place in Tyler so I looked up the information and it was only $10. We ended up calling Rando's Comedy Store prior to showing up just asking about purchasing food or beverages, they don't serve food or drinks, but you can BYOB if you want.

The Crowd Was Full of Jokesters

Most comedy clubs or shows I've attended you want to avoid the front row because you will become part of a joke at some point, and when we arrived there were only a few seats left, of course they were right up front. But luckily we didn't end up becoming the punch line for any jokes, but there were plenty of others in the crowd that were joining in on the comedy. You could tell it was all in fun, and the comedians didn't have a problem with it.

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The Comedy Is Changing in Tyler

Before leaving for the night, the host at Rando's Comedy Store in Tyler announced they would be rebranding soon and to keep an eye out on social media. In all we saw 6 comedians perform their stand up. It was a good time, and only $10 for about 90 minutes of comedy. I would suggest keeping an eye out and supporting these comedians from both East Texas and the DFW area the next time they have a show in Tyler.

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