One family outside of Abilene is certainly grateful for Storm Chaser Freddy McKinney. As the harrowing video aired live on YouTube, viewers watched on as McKinney rescued the family and their dog.

Storm Chaser Freddy McKinney, who regularly goes live on YouTube while searching for severe weather, quite possibly saved this family from a much worse fate. McKinney was tracking a devastating tornado as it ripped through the plains of West Texas when what he thought was a home that had been destroyed.

Without hesitating he drove toward the house the whole time saying "Please tell me it didn't just hit a house." As this video jumps forward he sees the family. "Oh my gosh! There's people. There's people." From out of the rain and rubble we see the mom running with her daughter in her arms toward the car followed by a young boy with blood on him and then his father.

A true hero in every sense of the word. McKinney was able to rescue the young family and get them to the nearest hospital. The good news is that the family is now out of the hospital and doing okay, the bad news though is their home has been destroyed.

Since the video and story began going viral a GoFundMe account has been set up for the Lambert family, who lost their home in the storm.

Wes & Kasey Lambert, and their kids, Lane (7) and Allie(4.. her birthday is this week though!) they all sustained injuries and somehow walked away from a completely leveled house. Lane was ripped from their arms and thrown 25 feet, and was hit in the face with a brick, they think. He was most upset about missing his spelling test and baseball tournament this weekend. Allie is still hoping we find her stuffy in the rubble, but she came out with only a couple of scratches.

If you can help out the family, click here. According to the GoFundMe page, six more homes in the area were also destroyed and any excess money raised will go to those families.

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