While I am not a parent and have never been a parent to a child, I am still loving this new trend for summertime that parents are creating called “Common Sense Camp”. We all learn things a little differently, and often times we find ourselves in situations where we aren’t sure what to do. There are some life skills that just aren’t taught in the classroom, that’s why some parents are putting on their own “Common Sense Camp”.  

You can create shirts to help get your students on board but really, it’s all about helping your kids learn things to help them become a more well-rounded person. These subjects can include how to keep track of your finances, change a tire on your vehicle, or how to react in an emergency situation. All of these things are going to help students when they have to apply these skills in their own life.  

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We Can All Identify Subjects That Would Help Kids Be Successful 

We all know that teachers work hard to get us ready for becoming adults but there are still tasks that are overlooked which is why I love the idea of this Common Sense Camp. Things like cooking a meal, tying a tie, or sewing a button onto a shirt are often overlooked at high schools but they are important life skills to have. As parents you’re going to know best as far as what skills your child needs to work on, so identify those areas, and set a date for you to work on those items. 

Even If You Only Do One It Will Still Have an Impact 

I remember as a kid my parents were busy with us 5 kids running around, but it was always a big deal when our parents played with us or taught us something new. So, even after you’re tired from a long day take an hour and teach your kids how to fix a flat tire or how to cook that simple meal. That will be a life skill that they will never forget, because they know it was taught by someone who cares. 

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