Texans are pretty accustomed to hot summers. So really it is no surprise when summer time rolls around -- or even late spring -- and you're sweating within minutes of stepping out the door. But apparently, this summer may be one of the hottest yet. 

The question is though, will it be hotter than last year?

Where did last summer rank for the hottest in Texas

The 2023 summer was sweltering. In fact, 2023 was the second hottest summer in Texas on record -- only beaten by the summer of 2011, according to the Dallas Morning News. 

The average high in 2023 was 98.3 -- yikes! In just the Dallas-Fort Worth area there were 47 days of triple-digit temperatures, and the extreme heat extended into early fall.

I can't speak for all of Texas, but here in East Texas we definitely felt the heat In 2023, and the heat in this area of Texas is HEAVY.

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So what is the prediction for this summer?

According to the good 'ol Farmers' Almanac, this summer might just be the hottest yet. Technically summer hasn't even started yet and temperatures are rising. The first official day of the season will be June 20.

The almanac called this summer a "summer soaker" and claims Texas and surrounding states will be hot and showery. Honestly, I don't know about this considering that in East Texas it always feels like we're in a drought for a good bit of summer.

But it seems the almanac is mostly pointing to June having some thunderstorms and humidity before it starts getting hot and dry -- but we will see. And it looks like that may be true for a lot of America:

June will end up warm, humid, and thundery in many, if not most, areas of the country.

I know, I know, this is coming from the Farmers' Almanac, but sometimes they're pretty close on some things. And despite if this summer ends up being the hottest on record or not, I can confidently say it will be hot as usual.

Here are a couple of upcoming Texas weather predictions:

  • Father's Day, June 16 -- heat persisting, dry
  • Fourth of July -- fair, dry, and very warm

What is the Farmers' Almanac?

Since 1818 people have looked at the Farmers' Almanac for weather predictions. While the accuracy of it varies, it can be an interesting source to look at. It also contains humor, fun facts, gardening advice, and more that can be useful, even if the weather prediction may be lacking.

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