Ahh, Memorial Day ... the weekend everyone decides it's about time to head out to the lake or pool and get to work on their tan. Sometimes those tans end up being sunburns, and we all know being as red as a lobster isn't much fun.

Not only are sunburns not as pretty as sun-kissed tans, but they are also terrible for one's skin. Being a pale girl myself, I have tried everything to prevent getting sunburns, but sometimes I still just have to deal with the burn and treat it afterwards.

Try some of these remedies to keep your sunburn under control:


Being out in the sun dehydrates your body, so the most important thing to do after being out in the sun is to drink water - and a lot of it. Drinking water should be done after being out in the sun, whether you were sunburned or not, to keep your body hydrated.

2. Take a Bath

Although many people love a hot shower, after getting a sunburn a hot shower is only going to make it worse. Cool water is the way to go when dealing with a sunburn, but it is important not to soak in the cool water for too long (15-20 minutes at the most).

While avoiding hot water, it is also important to avoid scrubbing any sunburned areas with a washcloth or loofah. A simple bar of unscented soap is the best option on a sensitive sunburn. You can also help your sunburn by using oatmeal powder (available in pharmacy departments) or baking soda in your bath water as cooling agents.

And remember, it is important to avoiding rubbing the sunburn with a towel, so it is better to air dry your skin and then apply cool moisturizer.

3. Aloe Vera

It is perhaps the most recommended sunburn relief remedy, and in my opinion it is one of the most effective. Aloe Vera is effective both fresh from the plant leaves or from the bottles of gel from stores when applied generously to the sunburned areas several times a day. If you buy the bottle, try keeping it in the refrigerator to keep it cool before applying it to your skin.

4. Cool Compress

Similarly to a cool bath or shower, a cool compress will help relieve the pain of a sunburn. Soaking a towel or cheesecloth in cool water (mixed with oatmeal powder or baking soda if you want extra relief) and applying it to the sunburned area is very beneficial, especially for very burned spots. Remember that the compress must stay cool - so make sure to keep soaking the cloth frequently. This action can be repeated several times a day to keep the pain level low until the burn begins to heal.


The real solution to relieving sunburn pain is to avoid getting one in the first place, but sometimes the burn just cannot be stopped. However, that does not mean that sunscreen should not be applied generously before spending time in the sun and protective clothing or hats can also be helpful in preventing sunburns. Keep these tips in mind all summer while you're out in the hot, Texas sun.

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