Summer break is something kids look forward to the day school starts. Summer means no teachers, no homework, and nothing but fun. But for the parents, summer break isn't always that great. You have to keep your kids entertained so they aren't driving you crazy with the "Mom, I'm bored. Can we please go do something>" But, you also don't want to spend a ton of money, if any, to keep them entertained. Here are five places in Tyler that are guaranteed to keep your kids entertained for a small fee or, even better, for free!

  • Visit Grand Forks, Flickr
    Visit Grand Forks, Flickr

    Splash Park at Faulkner Park

    The free splash park at Faulkner Park is one of Tyler's best kept secrets. It's hidden away behind the baseball complex and tennis courts. Not only is there the splash park, but walking/biking trails and playgrounds as well.

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    Tyler State Park

    Tyler State Park is the best lake spot in Tyler. With areas for young children, a dock in the middle of the lake, and more, it's obvious as to why. You can also pay to get some canoes, kayaks, and other things to keep your kids occupied.

  • carolyn55, Flickr
    carolyn55, Flickr

    Brookshire's Wildlife Museum and Park

    I remember going to the Brookshire's Wildlife Museum and Park when I was younger. It was always so much fun and interesting as well. When you're finished with the museum, let the kids run around and get all of their energy out at the playground outside.

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    Discovery Science Place

    The Discovery Science Place has been a staple in East Texas for many many years. DSP has different areas full of fun and learning for kids of all ages. It's even kind of fun for adults!

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    Times Square Cinema Summer Movie Specials

    I hadn't heard of this until recently. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, Times Square Cinema airs classic children's movies for only $1 a ticket, or $3 for a kids combo.

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