Are you one to take adventuresome vacations and take any chance you get to do crazy activities? Then we might have found the perfect trip for you!

According to Travel Editor Jessica Festa, Exuma is a whole new world for vacationing.

During her recent trip to this region of the Bahamas, Festa was able to do some awesome vacation activities -- she even swam with pigs!

Yes, pigs can actually swim! At the Staniel Cay Yacht Club pigs will swim right up to boats for passengers to feed them and will let you swim right next to them too.

Pigs weren't the only creature that Festa swam with on her trip -- there were nurse sharks too! The sharks swarmed around her eating the bait that the tour guide had thrown in the water. Talk about a thrill!

Not to mention, Festa was able to snorkel in James Bond's 'Thunderball Grotto,' featured in 'Never Say Never Again' and 'Thunderball.' How many people can say that they've visited James Bond's underwater lair!?! While snorkeling, Festa spotted tons of wildlife too!

And finally, who wouldn't want to see giant iguanas on their vacation? The iguanas of Bitter Guana Bay are huge according to Festa, but rather friendly! They walked right up to the tour group to welcome them.

So for all you quirky adventure-seekers, check out Exuma when you're planning your next vacation! And follow along with the rest of Festa's travels here.

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