So, yeah, about yesterday. Neither team that you, I or a majority of America made it to Superbowl LIII. The Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots will meet in Atlanta February 3rd for the Lombardi Trophy. Ugh!

First of all, all of East Texas is beyond proud of Patrick Mahomes and how he has played and handled himself this season. We all should own a #15 Chiefs jersey.

Despite a little bit of officiating inconsistencies in yesterday's AFC Championship, it was an excellent game. I'm so tired of Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, though. Don't get me wrong, they're very good and Tom Brady deserves all the accolades he receives. (He ain't better than Joe Montana, though, as best quarterback ever.) The Patriots show no enthusiasm, no joy, no fun in what they do. It's a football game guys. Stop acting like your mom died after every game, win or lose. They have got to get rid of that smugness, too. I just dislike their whole attitude and wish they would go away.

Now to the game that was given away by a group of officials that acted like they didn't know the rules and seemed to not give a damn. That missed pass interference call in the fourth quarter was completely inexcusable. Yes, there many other fouls that were missed but come on. Someone who doesn't even watch or know football saw that was a penalty.

I propose that those officials be suspended to start next season and all of the officials should go through some kind of retraining. The inconsistencies of refereeing this year has been bad. This is their full time job, too. Give them some serious training so they will be better next year.

Bottom line, the Saints got robbed and the Patriots are great but most of America is just tired of them. It's not Superbowl LIII, it's "The Shouldn't Be Theres versus The Everybody Hates" Bowl. I'll root for the Rams because I don't want the Patriots to win. But the right teams are not playing this year.

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