It's winter. It's cold and dreary, and we're all wearing sweaters. How can you keep that sweater looking brand new? Martha has the answer.

Martha Stewart is known for having the answer to nearly any household DIY issue. This particular problem has plagued me for years. I hate it when one of my favorite sweaters begins to pill.

In the video, Martha shows us how to use a fabric comb to gently rake off the excess pills, and how to gently clean the sweaters as well. She explains that it is best to wash them separately in cold water. Also, it's very important to separate colors from whites and nudes.

She even notes how important it is to measure your sweater before you clean it, so that you can properly re-shape it once you have cleaned it. She also points out that you should never wring your sweaters, but to gently squeeze the excess water out of them before stretching them out onto a clean towel.

She then expertly positions the sweater, and rolls it up into the towel to remove even more water before moving it to a second towel where it is again measured and re-shaped.

It's a lot of effort, but according to Martha it should keep our sweaters looking like new!

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