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Ridiculously Cute Piglet — Chris P. Bacon [VIDEO]
Meet Chris P. Bacon, a ridiculously cute piglet that couldn't even get around on his own, Chris P. Bacon was born with out the use of his hind legs. But veterinarian Dr. Len Lucero came to the rescue by designing a custom wheelchair out of K'NEX building blocks.
Adorable and Amazing Animals of 2012 [VIDEO]
For those of you who know me, or check out the KNUE website, you know I'm a sucker for cute animal videos. Animals are honest, real and of course adorable. This year has had a bunch of furry and funny videos featuring the cutest animals ever. I thought it would be fun to showcase a few of video…
Hilarious Kitty Montage! [VIDEO]
Yes, it's a cat video, But I could not help posting this video, cause it is so fun. Even if you don't consider yourself  a "cat person", you will get a kick out of this video. It's a fun montage of videos that you may have seen, but put together in this montage,…
Tag Anyone? — Kangaroo + Lemur Play in Adorable Video
Anyone up for  a game of tag? I know of a Kangaroo and Lemur are. Watch this fun and very cute video of Bug the Kangaroo and Lolli the ruffed Lemur playing tag at the Exotic Experience in Orlando. Looks like Buttermilk the baby goat is a stick in the mud. Tag - you're it!

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