One of the great things of owning a pet is learning the feelings they will develop. It could be toward a toy, a blanket or just a specific spot on the couch. It always gives us a good laugh or an "awww" when they gives us those eyes when they can't have it or sit there.

Seeing the video of this bull playing with a ball gives us those feelings times 100.

Meet Tex, he lives at Ima Survivor Donkey and Farm Animal Sanctuary in Cleveland, Texas. He arrived as a rescue after Hurricane Harvey. One of his favorite toys is a big rubber exercise ball.

Well, Tex was playing with it and accidentally popped it on a barbed wire fence. To see Tex's face as he tries to play with the popped ball gives us all the feels.

Do Not Freak Out, Though. Tex did get a new ball.

Tex is now our new favorite animal.

You can make a donation to help this rescue farm at

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