gregg county

Gregg County, in East Texas, was formed when State Representative B. W. Brown introduced a bill to form a new county in 1873. Longview was named the county seat.

Gregg County was settled by Farmers from the southern United States after Texas received statehood in 1845. Before becoming a county, Gregg County consisted of nine rural post offices, but not towns.

Prior to being settled by farmers, the county was home to Caddo Tribes until the 1800s and Cherokee Tribes until 1839.

Some cities within Gregg County include Kilgore, Gladewater, Clarksville City, Lakeport, Longview, White Oak and Warren City.

Gregg County Facts

County Seat: Longview

Population: 124,201 (2021)

County Judge: Bill Stoudt

Area: 275 square miles



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