Jordan and Lindsey Denny lived in Austin, worked in the tech world and loved it. They loved it so much that they wanted to get something about Austin tattooed somewhere on their bodies. Austin is, after all, the most tattooed place in the country.

Jordan wanted the Austin skyline on his wrist and Lindsey's favorite tree from Zilker Park, but they wanted to make sure they had the designs they wanted before permanent ink applied. This led them to start their own company, Momentary Ink.

For $15, you can send them a design of a tattoo that you are thinking about and they will send it back to you in the form of a temporary tattoo that you can affix to your body. During the five days that it lasts, you can decide if you want it permanently.

Several tattoo artists in Austin have endorsed the product on the Momentary Ink website and refer their clients to the website if they are on the fence at all about a design.

[via Chron]

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