You recognize the candy in the picture, don't you?

I call it 'magic candy'...that's because every time my doorbell rings, bars of the 'World's Finest Chocolate' magically appear in the hands of a soft-spoken, mumbling child asking me if I could help his or her school or church group.

And I always end up buying at least a couple bars of candy because I know that my kids have done, or will do the same thing, AND because, the 'World's Finest Chocolate' is really pretty dang good.  And it must be a pretty good fundraising method because they've been around since 1949!!

With that being said...Texas Legislators...please listen, I think we might have a solution for the budget shortfall.   I have recently heard that our state Senators and Representatives are in danger of cutting billions of dollars from our public education system.

Well, at the local level, whenever things get tough at the school, the tough get selling -- chocolate bars, gift wrap, chocolate chip cookie dough, and flavored popcorn inside tins so big you could stow away a small child in one to sneak on a cruise ship...and NO, I didn't, although the ticket for a 5 year old made me think a little about it.

Anyway, back to the point...the Texas Legislature can get more funds for schools by implementing the 'World's Finest Chocolate' mentality!!

Our senators and representatives just need to order several billion bars of the candy and maybe a couple billion units of the other products mentioned and then hit the streets.  If one of those politicians came to my door fully garbed in coat and tie and sporting a box of chocolates,  I would happily buy quite a few bars - as long as I'm allowed to point and giggle.

Then, one weekend, the House members can have a car wash.  Once again, I would pay quite a bit for that as long as I'm allowed to sling a lot of mud on my truck beforehand -- I mean turnabout is fair play.

And then the following weekend, the Senate members can operate a dunking booth...once again, coat and tie is mandatory.

Well,  I know none of this will ever actually happen, but it sure would be nice to hear our folks in Austin tell us what they will work to do as opposed to what they can not do.

And so, if our education system is shorted by several billion dollars for the next couple of years, say goodbye to the days of selling the 'World's Finest Chocolate' and hello to our kids selling the world's finest caviar -- gotta make up the difference somehow.

worlds finest chocolate

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