We all know there are tons of very popular, successful, and influential people that call Texas home. With a state this large you can only assume there will be lots of successful people, which is the truth. But it’s amazing how some of these Texas celebrities have been able to turn their success from one industry and create another revenue stream by adding alcohol to their brand. 

It seems like in the past few years we have seen a ton of celebrities or people online trying to build a brand trying to diversify their portfolio by adding in more merchandise to sell to customers or adding other products such as alcohol. Not all celebrities have been able to be successful in creating their own alcohol brand, but there must be a nice mark up on alcohol with so many people trying to make money this way.  

Variety of Texas Celebrity Alcohol to Choose From 

Being from Texas you know there are going to be some celebrities that want to create their own whiskey brand, but there are so many other options besides just whiskey. You can find wine, tequila, beer, seltzers, and just about any other alcoholic drink that is being promoted by a celebrity that calls Texas home.  

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Let’s See All the Celebs and Alcohol Brands 

Here is a look at a few of the big-time celebrities that call Texas home that have also been able to create a successful alcohol brand. Feel free to visit the comment section and let me know if you have tried any of these and if they are good? 

Texas Celebrities That Have Their Own Alcohol Brands

From movie stars to famous musicians, we have seen many famous Texas celebrities start up their own brands of alcohol. Some are lovers of bourbons, others love the taste of wine, others can't get enough of tequila or whiskey. But whatever their taste, all of these brands are all associated with Texas.

Gallery Credit: Daniel Paulus

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