Drinking alcohol is common in the state of Texas, as it is all over the country. It’s interesting to think about because in Texas there are multiple counties that are still dry and don’t allow the sale of alcohol. But on the flip side, we see more than our share of DUI’s and fatalities on the roads due to drinking and driving. It’s a big problem and Texas and we need to find some sort of solution. But we aren’t here to discuss drinking and driving, we’re talking about excessive drinking and where it Texas it seems to happen the most. 

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While drinking too much isn’t very fun, you often don’t think about the consequences of your actions when you’re enjoying adult beverages. I’ve spent way too many nights drinking and too many mornings with a headache. It took years but I have finally learned that drinking can be fun in moderation, and you don’t always need another drink. But recently Wall St 24/7 created a list of the drunkest cities in each state so let’s see where the drinkers are in Texas. 

Consequences of Binge Drinking 

We are about to talk about the drunkest city in Texas but remember this is not an award. Binge drinking can break up families and cause severe health issues. If you or a family member is struggling with alcohol, reach out to a professional before it’s too late. 

The Drunkest City or Area in Texas is... 

According to their research the drunkest metro area is Sherman-Denison, Texas. The area has a population of 143,131 and over 21% of the citizens in the area drink excessively.  

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