To hear about a child who died in a hot car is absolutely heartbreaking. According to stats from the NHTSA there is an average of 38 children that die each year because of being left in a vehicle in extremely hot temperatures. It’s horribly sad when a child dies due to being left in a hot vehicle but unfortunately that just happened in Houston, Texas. 

We collected the details from KHOU that reported a 5-year-old boy passed away after being left alone in a vehicle for several hours. Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzales said the incident took place on the 13700 block of Blair Hill Lane in Houston. The boy was in the vehicle with his older sister and mother as they had just returned from a trip to the store preparing for his sister's birthday party. The mother assumed both children climbed out of the vehicle on their own but that was not the case and the boy was stranded inside the vehicle. 

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The Family Was Using a Rental Vehicle at the Time of the Incident 

The mother of the 5-year-old boy had seen him get out of vehicles in the past without any trouble, and saw her 8-year-old daughter get out so she didn’t think twice about the boy being stuck inside the vehicle. But it’s very possible the boy didn’t know what to do as he was in an unfamiliar vehicle.  

It Was Two to Three Hours Before the Boy Was Found 

After preparing for the party, the boy's mother began wondering where he was and then found him unresponsive and still buckled into the car seat. The mother immediately called 911, but EMS said it was too late and pronounced the child dead.  

Police are asking parents to once again always check for children and pets when exciting a vehicle. Also, make sure your kids know how to honk the horn, turn on flashers, and how to use the front door in case the child lock is enabled on the back doors. There was no word on if anyone will face charges due to the boy's unfortunate death.  

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