Ever since I was a little kid and one of the neighborhood kids thought it would be fun to throw a bucket full of snakes toward me, I’ve wanted to stay as far away from snakes as possible. Don’t get me wrong, living in Texas I know that some snakes serve a purpose and will eliminate lots of other little critters I don’t want running around. But, I still don’t enjoy seeing snakes when I am working outside. Living in Texas you do need to be careful as there are 6 snakes that are venomous and their bite could lead to death. 

Now before people start freaking out that a snake in Texas will kill you, realize that snakebite fatalities are rare. While they do happen from time to time, there are lots of other things that are more likely to put you in danger. So, this is really more of a reminder to stay aware of your surroundings. And make sure you keep an eye on your pets while they are outside too, you don’t want them to get a bad snakebite. 

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What Should You Do If You See a Snake in Texas? 

First, try to keep your distance, in most instances the snakes want to stay away from you too. But if you are bitten by a snake you should seek medical attention just to make sure you’ll be okay. While I understand it’s not much fun you should do research on snakes in your area so you know what to expect.  

Let’s Look at the 6 Deadly Snakes Found in Texas 

According to Chat GPT here is a look at the six snakes in Texas that could be potentially deadly to humans.  

6 Deadly Snakes Found in Texas

If you're spending time outdoors in Texas you will want to avoid these six deadly snakes if at all possible.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

Be Aware: Top 5 Ways Texas Snakes Enter Texas Homes

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