I truly hope by clicking on to this article you are just wanting a good laugh, and a tiny bit of information. The reason I say that is because I don’t wish divorce upon anyone, they are a painful. But if you were to be in a situation where the relationship just isn’t working anymore, if both people want to keep the dog or cat or any animal for that matter how does the state of Texas decide who keeps the pet in a divorce? 

It’s a great question because unfortunately divorces happen often not just here in the state of Texas but everywhere. So, I looked online to get the best information possible when it comes to animals in a divorce but they all seem to have the same answer.  

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According to Texas Law, Pets are Considered Property 

According to NSTexasLaw, this means that if you and the other pet parent cannot come to some sort of resolution regarding where the pet will go, the divorce judge will then treat it like any other asset that needs to be divided.  

The Divorce Judge Would Have to Put a Value on Your Pet 

In order to divide all assets evenly the judge would have to put a monetary value on the animal and something similar would have to be awarded to the person who was not receiving the pet. If the judge could not find assets to balance the value of the pet, the court could order the pet be sold and then the proceeds would be split between the two parties. 

Again, I hope that you never have to go through this. But that is the law regarding pets in a divorce within the state of Texas.  

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