Wait, what?

Listen I am a guy that sits in his house all day and am not the most friendly neighbor. I'll do the friendly wave, but then my butt goes inside. However, this guy truly sounds like the most paranoid neighbor I have ever heard of.

Paranoid Meteorologist in Southlake, Texas?

I have never heard of iWeatherNet, but it appears that man named Chris Robbins out of Southlake, Texas operates the page. Keeping you informed on weather in North Texas and for some reason Atlanta, Georgia? I believe the meteorologist that operates this is from there so he decided to keep an eye on both areas. Well Chris runs the iWeatherNet facebook page, like his personal page. Giving you weather updates, but also what's going on his life. This week, he had a really weird take that has people questioning him.

Kids Shouldn't Be Ringing Doorbells?

So it looks like Chris got a ring at his doorbell recently and he decided to tell his audience about it. Basically saying a six-year-old girl rang his doorbell looking for her kitten. He claimed no one should be ringing doorbells today and that he had his gun loaded. Listen, I am not saying don't be prepared, but saying no one can ring doorbells in 2023 is weird to me.

Meteorologist Doubles Down

Once people started questioning Chris saying that a kid was looking for their lost pet, he didn't drop the doorbell point.

"This is not 1972. If that brat rings my doorbell again tomorrow, I will call the police. take notes."

Obviously once he started getting all this attention, the posts were deleted, but News Channel 8 in Tulsa has a good recap on everything that went down. Basically I want to know what you think, is this guy paranoid, or should nobody be ringing your doorbell in 2023.

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