While it seems like most kids enjoy having a gaming system or phone in their hand, it’s amazing how much fun they have when they put the electronics down and pick up a fishing pole. Getting outdoors in the great state of Texas can be quite the adventure and the good people at Texas Parks and Wildlife want to encourage more people to enjoy time outside and have identified 10 places that they will be working on to improve the habitat and angler access over the next few years. 

It’s so awesome that these projects are going to move forward to improve the fishing access in certain areas. The TPWD Inland Fisheries Division selected these 10 projects to be supported in 2024-2025. The funding for these projects is provided by the Habitat and Angler Access Program and is awarded to help improve public ponds, large reservoirs, creeks and rivers. Really, it’s all about making sure that people have access to go fishing not only now but for years and decades to come. 

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What Kind of Fishing Improvements Will Be Made? 

The funds for these projects will help in a variety of ways. Depending on what is needed in each area, projects could include installing or improving a fishing pier, dock lighting, stabilization of banks or shorelines, or installation of erosion control features. 

Fishing in Texas is a Must 

There is no better feeling than being on the water with friends or family and feeling the tug of a fish on your line. We all plan on a fishing trip, but they never happen often enough, quit talking about it and make a plan to go fishing soon. There are fish just waiting for you, don’t disappoint them.  

Here is a look at the areas that will be worked on to improve habitat and angler access over the next few years. 

Texas Habitat and Angler Access Program Projects for 2024-25

Here are the projects that Texas Parks and Wildlife will be working on to improve fishing habitat and access in the coming years.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

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