There is something so peaceful about being on the water with a rod and reel in your hand, obviously you want to feel the tug on the line when a fish takes a bite, but any day with a line in the water is a great day. Everyone deserves to feel that tug on the line, it’s so exciting. Which is why I love telling you about Free Fishing Day coming up soon across the whole state of Texas. 

It was Texas Parks and Wildlife that shared the information on social media and of course I wanted to make sure that you know about it. It’s taking place on Saturday, June 3rd and everyone is able to go fishing without a license on Texas public waters. If you know anyone who was ever wanted to go fishing this is the perfect opportunity to teach them about the sport of fishing. 

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Rules Still In Place on Free Fishing Day 

While everyone is encouraged to go fishing on June 3rd, there are still rules in place such as the bag and size limits. You aren’t allowed to take home as many fish as you can catch in those 24 hours, just make sure you follow the regulations, all of those details can be found by clicking here. 

Enjoy All That Texas Has to Offer 

Don’t miss out on something that could quickly become your favorite new hobby. Get your gear together and invite your friends to join you for Free Fishing Day, you will have so much fun, and make some memories too. 

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