Move over, big rigs, there's a new monster truck in town, and it's tiny but mighty.

This Texas girl and her mini monster truck are taking the internet by storm.

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Even if you've never been to a monster truck show, you've probably heard of the two most famous trucks, Big Foot and Grave Digger. If not, here's a couple of Tweets to catch you up.

They see me rollin'

The girl in the video below has a mini Grave Digger and she's driving the heck out of that machine. Look how tall it is!


Balancing act

How does it not tip over?  She's hauling butt, running over corn, and giving a thumbs up... this girl rules!

So cool

I remember thinking I was the coolest kid on the block one summer when I got my hand on a go-kart. Imagine rolling up to your te party in this thing! Instant street cred.

Check ou the video for yourself below.


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