Just like everyone else in the great state of Texas I love a big ol’ juicy cheeseburger. There is something so comforting about wrapping your hands around a big burger with all of the flavors combining for all that deliciousness. But it seems like in recent years we’ve heard about more unique burgers, but I don’t think anything is like what you can find at Mark’s Outing located in San Antonio, Texas. This restaurant is really thinking outside of the box as they have created a burger that has fried ice cream as one of the toppings. 


Recently I was speaking with a coworker about cheeseburgers, and she mentioned that it was kind of a shock when she saw fried eggs being a topping for a burger. While it might seem a little strange to some, I think a fried egg on a burger or chicken sandwich can be amazing, but it has to be done right. 

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How Did They Come Up With the Ice Cream Burger? 

According to an article from Texas Highways, the restaurant owner Mark Outing was grabbing ice cream at Marble Slab and after noticing they make their own ice cream cones he wondered if he could make an ice cream burger. After many test runs he found vanilla ice cream covered in corn flakes is the best way to keep ice cream together in the fryer.  

First Time Customers Often Eat It WRONG 

Many customers ordering the burger take the fried ice cream off to eat it separately, but Mark says you’re supposed to smash it down to fit the whole thing in your mouth.  

Would you ever order the ice cream burger. Here is a video of someone trying it out! 

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