If you’re a restaurant in Texas and want to be known for your steaks, you better create perfection. I don’t mean to be harsh but there are so many fantastic restaurants and steakhouses within the Lone Star State if you’re not doing everything perfect people won’t come back. But when you’re going to a bigger city like the Dallas/Fort Worth area there are amazing steakhouses to choose from.


If you’re wanting a prime cut of amazing steak, you’re going to need to scroll down just a little bit because I have found 5 of the most expensive steaks in the Metroplex and you might need to make this your new steak bucket list. We are talking about iconic restaurants that have been around for a long time and customers know they can depend on their quality and customer service.  

What’s the Most Expensive Steak in the Dallas Area? 

There is a steak named after the NBA legend Dirk Nowitzki that is dry aged for 41 days and is 41 ounces that costs $255. But that is not the most expensive. There is another steak, a 42-ounce bone-in Australian Blackmore Wagyu ribeye that is almost $400. I’m sure it’s amazing, but I couldn’t spend that much money on a steak. 

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Let’s Look at the 5 Most Expensive Steaks in Dallas 

If you want one of the best steaks ever you have quite a few options in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Here are some of the most expensive steaks available in case you want to celebrate or eat well.  

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