The Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells, TX was once a destination for the rich and famous. Today it sits abandoned. This hotel that once housed movie stars is how filled with dust, dirt and grime, yet it remains hauntingly beautiful.

I've been fascinated with the Baker Hotel since I first became aware of it. Now a group of people are gathering to try and revive the landmark. The hotel first opened in 1929, just two weeks after the stock market crashed.

The hotel which cost $1.2 to build, once played host to celebrities like Lawrence Welk, Dale Evans, Clark Gable, Judy Garland. Other famous visitors include Bonnie and Clyde and dignitaries like Lyndon B. Johnson also once stayed in the famous hotel. Rediscover photos from the past by visiting the official website,

You'll see in the video above that the hotel has a storied past, but some now claim it is one of the most haunted places in Texas. Some tell stories of seeing Bonnie and Clyde celebrating their stolen money, but more prominently told is the story of a woman in white.

The hotel was built by T.B. Baker, and the spirit of the lady in white is said to have been his mistress, and her spirit lingers on the seventh floor, from where she jumped to her death.

Curious about its state today? Take a look at these instagram photos and videos:


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