Starting a family includes many decisions for the couple that decides to have little ones. Some factors will be out of their control, mainly the unknown if they'll have a boy or a girl. But one thing couple can certainly control is where they'll start their family.

Wherever the parents decide to place roots, there's more questions that arise as well. Is there a good school for kids to go to? Will there be areas they can run around in to expend energy? Will the neighborhood be good to be around?

So research will have to be done of course. But where can future parents settle down? It looks like Texas might have some of the best places to start their family.

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Texas: The Best State For Starting A Family?

The Lone Star State has many accolades, and having places to start a family will certainly bring more individuals to the area. LendEDU has the data that was put together that determined the best cities for families to begin.

The various factors including in helping determine the areas were Education, Percentage of Young Families, Crime and Safety, and Cost of First Home Purchase. So let's find out which cities in Texas landed in the top ten!

Landing right at 10th was Carrollton, and it only goes up from there. 5th belonged to Plano, Texas, and the top three also belonged the Lone Star State. Round Rock took 3rd, McKinney was placed at 2nd, and the number one city in the nation to start a family?

None other than Frisco, Texas. So if a couple you know is thinking about starting a family, maybe point them to Texas!

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