Coming up with a clever name for a baby in Texas in 2024 can be difficult but can also be a lot of fun. While I have no kids, I can only imagine helping pick out a name for a newborn is exciting. My first thought would be that some people would choose a name that is already used in the family, possibly in honor of another family member. But there are some older sounding names that even if they are a family name, some people don’t want to pass that name along to the next generation.  

Old Baby Names

Parents seem to be using more unique names when picking out a name for their baby, the same old traditional names aren’t popping up on birth certificates as much as in the past. Obviously, every family is going to approach picking out a baby’s name differently. But it’s interesting to see this new trend of names. 

How to Decide Which Names Aren’t Being Used Anymore? 

To help come up with the list of names that aren’t used as much anymore, the good people at Stacker looked at names from 1946 to 1964. But these names have since gone out of style. But it’s fun to look at names that were more common back in the day. 

What Names Are Not Popular Anymore 

Years ago, here in Texas it was common to meet people or even babies with these names. But as time continues to pass these names aren’t used as much anymore. Let’s look at the names that aren’t as common as they used to be.  

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