When I was growing up I loved watching Pro Wrestling, it was fun watching the wrestlers play this role and exciting to see them win their matches. We all knew that it was entertainment, although the participants were really putting their bodies in danger. As most of us do, I got older and stopped watching. But there was a recent Pro Wrestling event in Texas where things got out of hand quickly, ending with the referee being stabbed multiple times in the head by one of the wrestlers.

According to CBS 19, the event took place in Irving, Texas put on by World Class Pro Wrestling, the name of the event was "Christmas Star Wars". The wrestler who did the damage was 29-year-old Devon Nicholson known in the ring as "Hannibal" or "Blood Hunter". After he lost his match he took his anger out on 50 year-old referee Lando Deltoro. There was a metal spike used to stab the referee in the head multiple times, which was obviously not a planned part of the show.

The Video of the Pro Wrestling Event Can Be Seen Here (THIS VIDEO IS TOUGH TO WATCH)

The event was held at Southern Junction Texas, and was actually free for kids 13 and under if there was a paying adult ticket to accompany them.

Lando Deltoro admits that he knew there would be some kind of altercation after the match and agreed to use a razor to his forehead to cause bleeding as this is often done in pro wrestling, but things got way out of hand. It seemed like the wrestler wasn't satisfied with the small cut and minimal blood so he took it farther.

The Referee Was Rushed to a Irving Hospital


The wrestler says this was all part of the show and this was planned before intermission so the wresling mat could be changed after the blood was dripping on the mat. He admits he feels horrible about how things happened. The referee spoke with police but declined to press any charges from the event.

Obviously, we are wishing Lando a speedy recovery.

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