You can always count on a native Texan to blaze trails for the future. In this case, it's a full blood Red Nose Pit Bull from San Antonio.

According to a Facebook post from the Stafford Police Department in Kansas, Kano is believed to be the state's first pit bull police dog. The 55-pound puppy was initially rescued by a Texas organization and trained for law enforcement reports KHOU.

The police department shared Kano's inspiring journey to become Kansas' first police dog that is a pit, hopefully increasing the awareness that not all pit bulls are dangerous and hostile.

Kano's first owner was Packo from San Antonio who dreamed Kano would be a police K9 the day he was born. Though his apartment didn't let him keep the dog, he didn't give up on his dream for Kano. So through multiple rescue organizations, he found his way home in Kansas. By the way, Kano was named after the Mortal Kombat character who has different colored eyes and has a patch of metal on his face.

The officer who posted on Facebook said one of the first things they learned is that Kano loves to work. He lives with the officer's family along with 5 other dogs. According to the post, Kano is trained in locating marijuana, meth, cocaine, heroine and Ecstasy.

They finish the post talking about removing the negative stigma of pit bulls:

I have always been “pro-Pit Bull” these dogs are misunderstood... Just like people dogs are individuals too! Kano and I plan to get out there and help try to change the bad name that so many have given the Pit Bull.

You go Kano and officer. Prove 'em all wrong.

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