I got divorced about six years ago. It took about four and half years to finally want to date again. Let me tell you, in that year and a half, dating is awful and made me understand why so many want to stay single. I did eventually find a good woman and we've dating since September of 2019.

Having said all that, I almost got to the point of Jeff Gebhart. Jeff is a 47-year-old bachelor who lives in Kansas. He is so tired of the dating scene that he is willing to pay you $25,000 to find him a girlfriend according to khou.com.

Unconventional? Yes. Inventive? Also yes. Is he for real? That is a "yes" as well.

If you go to datejeffg.com, you can find out more about Jeff and how to set him up for the potential love of his life. If you think you are the woman for Jeff, you can nominate yourself (you won't get any of the money, though) or you can nominate a woman for Jeff. There are some stipulations for the payout of the money so be sure you read those before attempting to help.

Good luck to Jeff and good luck to you if you think you are or have the match for him.

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