Dear Texas politicians, are you out of your mind right now?

I really try not to talk about abortion because no matter what I say about it, people are going to be pissed off. It's one of the hottest debated issues in our country without a doubt. However, a bunch of people in our state could now be facing charges that have literally nothing to do with the abortion or even the procedure.

Texas' new law that went into effect this week now affects people that help transport the woman to a facility to get an abortion. This past weekend I got an email from Lyft because I drive on the side to make some extra cash. I was very confused as to what was going on. Lyft said you should not have to ask one of your passengers if they're on their way to get an abortion.

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If you're somehow charged in this new Texas Law, Lyft will cover 100% of your legal fees. They then gave some contact information if you were to ever be in this situation. Turns out Uber is also following the same procedure for its drivers. 100% of legal fees are covered in both companies.

Seriously, would you want your driver before every trip to say, 'How's it going, oh by the way are we getting an abortion today?" Politicians here in Texas, you really want that conversation to happen to EVERY female passenger I pick up? Get the f*** out of here.


I barely talk to my passengers as is. It's pretty much, "How's it going" and then I shut up, mainly because I hate small talk. I think we have to wait and see what happens now. If a Lyft or Uber driver is charged for this, I think you will have some people who think twice about picking up female passengers.

Also a friendly reminder to never make my list for worst Lyft passengers in Wichita Falls.

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