If you think that sharing intimate or nude photos of anyone is acceptable behavior you need to learn about this recent court case in Texas so you understand this is a serious crime. The reason I am bringing this up is because there is a Texas woman who was just awarded $1.2 billion dollars in a court case after an ex-boyfriend sent some of those naughty photos without permission to her family, friends, and colleagues. 


This type of crime is absolutely horrible. We are talking about someone who was in a position of power because he was trusted but ended up trying to ruin her life as much as possible. The details were first released by KHOU, regarding a court case that began in April of 2022 and finally just got some resolution.  

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The Couple Began Dating in 2016 

The plaintiff in this case began dating Marques Jamal Jackson in 2016 and officially broke up in October of 2021. But the harassment began almost a year before the official break up. To make this situation even worse, the plaintiff didn’t take these photos, these photos and videos were nonconsensual.  

Beyond Sharing Intimate Photos and Videos, He Stole Money 

Marques Jackson was also charged with taking money from the woman’s bank account and interfering with a loan application. While the plaintiff in the case understands she will probably never see the $1.2 billion that she is owed she was still happy with the verdict of the case.  

It’s good to hear that people are behind held accountable for disgusting behavior such as this.  

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