Just like so many people living in the great state of Texas I am not much of a bug guy. Sure, we know that bugs and insects are living here in Texas, in fact we deal with more of them than most states due to the warm climate, but I still don’t enjoy seeing cockroaches running around. But did you know that there is a state insect of Texas? I was a little shocked when I found out about it, but I was pleasantly surprised because our state insect is quite beautiful.  

When talking about the state insect of Texas luckily we are not talking about cockroaches or even those dang fire ants that everyone avoids. Doing the fire ant dance is never fun! But the state insect for Texas is the monarch butterfly. While no one asked us, if we got to choose the state insect for Texas I would say we got a good one. 

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More Details on the State Insect of Texas 

When you think about insects you’re probably thinking about creepy and crawly things that you want to avoid. But when you’re talking about the state insect of Texas the monarch butterfly, it’s difficult to not get a smile on your face when you see one flying around. They are gorgeous. 

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While Texas got lucky with the monarch butterfly other states weren’t as fortunate. Here is a look at each U.S. state and details on the insect that represents their state. 

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