If you had plans to dive into one of the state's most well known swimming holes, you'll have to reconsider.

A few years ago, my family and I made the trip to Hays County Texas where the famous swimming hole known as "Jacob's Well" is located. This weird and unlikely natural site is been visited by THOUSANDS annually and it's usually a wait to get in and see it. However, for the time being you unfortunately won't be able to go take a dip in this popular swimming hole.

Hays County Officials announced that Jacob’s Well will be closed for swimmers for the "foreseeable future" due to unsafe conditions.


The photo above is my kid jumping into the well when we visited. The best way to get into Jacob's Well is to purchase your "ticket" in advance, but according to a Facebook post, people have been reaching out about the possibility of swimming in Jacob’s Well this summer and the county had to let folks know that at this time it's not gonna happen this year.

“We will not be posting our swimming reservation link to the website until we are able to confirm a safe swim season."

According to CBS Austin, the drought in the area impacted the flow of the stream, which in turn affected conditions. Reopening the spring will depend on precipitation and groundwater flow. But you can still visit the site if you so choose.

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Although swimming in the well is not allowed, officials are still offering tours of the site in which guides discuss the history, geology and ecology of the area. Tours are offered every Saturday morning and are free to the public.

Let's HOPE we get some more rain soon so we can go back outside and DIVE in!

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