Texas is a great state to live in. We're friendly, we know how to relax and have fun, we don't have to pay a state tax. It's pretty sweet to be a Texan.

Now of course, I certainly am a bit biased just because I am a life long Texan. But a new list from Us News and World Report has the best 125 cities to live in. Texas cities take up several spots, including the number one spot, on the list.

The basis of the list included stats from the United States Census Bureau, F.B.I., Department of Labor and other sources. That was then put into different indexes then given weighting based on a public survey. You can see all the information here.

Using all of the above information, the organization was able to compile their list. Here's how Texas cities ranked in the top 125.

  • 1. Austin
  • 14. San Antonio
  • 18. Dallas - Ft. Worth
  • 26. Houston
  • 90. Killeen
  • 105. El Paso
  • 106. Corpus Christi
  • 113. Beaumont
  • 115. McAllen
  • 121. Brownsville

Austin is not only weird but came out as the number one best city to live in on this list. So yeah, Texas showed up really well.

Unfortunately, no East Texas cities were listed. But, I think we can all agree that we live in a great part of Texas.

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