With the weather getting warmer it makes most of us want to get outside and have some fun, at least for a short period of time before we go back inside to the air conditioning. One of the most popular and fun activities when the weather is nice is playing a round of miniature golf. So, I wanted to find out where the highest rated miniature gold courses are in the state of Texas.

So many people will be traveling around the great state of Texas so it's good to know where the best mini golf courses are located. It was a bit shocking to me that 5 out of the top 10 highest rated miniature golf courses in the state of Texas are all located in San Antonio. But there are others located all over the state, although and the top spot was not located in San Antonio.

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Each of These Texas Mini Golf Locations Offer Something a Little Different

Each of these top rated mini golf locations in Texas offer something a little different. Some are glow in the dark or black light mini golf, some are 18 holes, others are just 9 holes. But they all seem to offer lots of fun for the entire family. There are some locations listed below that even include happy hour for the adults playing, just remember to drink responsibly especially if you have kids with you.

Who Made This List of Top Mini Golf Locations in Texas?

While I wish I have visited each of these locations I had to get some help putting this list together. The travel website Trip Advisor had all the locations ranked so I wanted to share the list with you as they were rated by people who were playing mini golf. So, here is the list they put together.

Top Ranked Mini Golf Locations in Texas

If you love playing minature golf here are the highest ranked courses in Texas.

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