We all have unusual food combinations that we enjoy that others might think is weird, especially with all the different cultures that are found in Texas. But if you deep fry anything, then cover it in either gravy or hot sauce or both then we will probably eat it. But recently the publication Far and Wide created a list of the weird food that each U.S. state is known for and of course I was curious as to what food item that is for the state of Texas. 

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While I am not a gigantic fan of the unusual food that Texas is known for at least we aren’t Colorado where they get the title of being known for the always famous Rocky Mountain Oyster. If you’re not sure what that is, feel free to Google that.  

What Weird Food Is Texas Known For? 

According to this article, Texans are known for chewing on Rattlesnake. I’ve tried quite a few odd food items but rattlesnake is not on that list. After speaking with one coworker who has tried rattlesnake before he told me that the meat is more tender than most people expect.  

Have/Would You Ever Eat Rattlesnake? 

While I do like to try everything once before I decide I don’t like it, I will pass on eating rattlesnake. I don’t like snakes of any kind and would prefer to stay away from them even when they are served on a plate. What about you, have you or would you try eating some rattlesnake? Let me know in the comment section if you would actually order rattlesnake at a restaurant in Texas. 

Weird Food Combos Texans Swear By

Gallery Credit: KLAQ

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