I got a call from my friend Shawn yesterday. He asked me to check my Facebook Messenger for a video he was about to send me. Okay, cool. He's done this before and it's always been a treat. This particular video was something I would have thought he'd been hacked if it had just been sent to me otherwise. Turns out, a clip of a video we did about three years was featured in a video dissing Applebee's.

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So this website called mashed.com did a article a couple of months ago talking about Applebee's menu items that even the staff won't eat. It's a bit click baity but whatever. Their video started by talking about the dollar drink specials Applebee's does each month. At the :20 second mark, me and Shawn pop up. What? Yeah, they used a clip of our video trying out the dollar drinks in their video. See it below:

The video that Mashed borrowed that clip from is when me, Shawn, who was on the old Hot 107.3 Jamz and our digital editor, Jason Eisenberg, headed to Applebee's in Tyler to try the $1 Bahama Mama. Overall, our thoughts on it were positive.

We knew what we were getting, though, house liquor with sugar. It wasn't as bad as the Mashed video was making it out to be. Applebee's food isn't as horrible as they describe, either. Can you get better somewhere else? Of course. But it's certainly not unappetizing.

Below is our full video from the night we stopped by and tasted those dollar drinks:

As I said in the video, those drinks are not my bag, baby, but they weren't bad and you could taste the alcohol in them. For a buck, just hanging out with your friends, it works. Sorry Shawn, but for a date, not so much.

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