It was August 4, 1993 when hard-nosed Nolan Ryan was charged by Robin Ventura. It was just a second or two later that the young Ventura realized he made a Texas-sized mistake.

There had been some bad blood brewing between the teams for a few years, with tensions reaching an all-time high during one August night in 1993.

White Sox pitcher Alex Fernandez hit the Rangers' Juan Gonzalez with a pitch in the bottom of the second inning, and in the following half-inning, Ryan plunked Ventura. The fifth-year veteran decided to rush the mound a few seconds later.

In this benches-clearing incident, Ryan proved that age was just a number. The 46-year-old pitcher managed to put the 26-year-old Ventura in a headlock and then proceeded to punch the third baseman's head—over and over.

Ventura was ejected from the game, but Ryan was not. The future Hall of Famer would go on to pick up the win against Chicago, allowing just two runs (one earned) on three hits in seven innings of work.

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