Baseball is the world's most romantic sport. It's long, rich history and lore is something no other sport can touch. And it's back! Whether you're a Braves fan like me, a Rangers fan like most of you or a Yankees fan like one dummy I work with we can all agree Opening Day gives us all goosebumps and butterflies.

Our American League Champion Texas Rangers kick off the season tomorrow at home in Arlington and it has officially been announced that the Grammy nominated, Austin based band Reckless Kelly will be given the honor of singing the National Anthem.

So be sure to get there early, grab yourself one of the all new "Boomsticks" described by Nolan Ryan as one "Tremendous Wiener" and listen to the National Anthem sung by one of the premiere bands in Texas before watching the Rangers start the season 1-0. Go Rangers!. And Braves!

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