Texas Humor released a new shirt called, “Don’t California My Texas”, and I absolutely love it. You can get it here!

There are a lot of Texas brands out there but one of my favorites is that of Texas Humor - a community of over 750,000 Texans (and Texas lovers) on Facebook and over 820,000 on Twitter. If their new t-shirt doesn't tickle your fancy, I promise you'll like something they offer and probably have seen while walking around the huge landmass called the lone star state.

Being a native Californian-happily-turned-Texan, I really want to send this to all of my friends out west. I'm also pretty sure some of you reading this think I am the subject of the shirt. I probably am but here are my credentials:

  • I eat red meat
  • I like Texas Country music
  • I eat at least one chicken fried steak per two weeks
  • I own a gun
  • Whiskey is my drink of choice
  • I'm not talking politics - that subject stays in the gray area

I have to say. An image of Texas kicking California right in the nards is pretty funny!

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